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Mehndi Ceremony Rituals and Some Interesting Ways to make it More Entertaining

Mehndi Ceremony Rituals and Some Interesting Ways to make it More Entertaining

Mehndi is a traditionally exciting and an indispensible part of Pre-Wedding Ceremony which always has an extra dose of fun, colour & entertainment. In Indian weddings mehndi is an integral part of custom/ rituals & it cannot be imagined without it. Mehndi is one of the sixteen adornments of the bride & her beauty is incomplete without it. The ceremony takes place just before the marriage day & according to the ritual, the bride does not step out of the house after this. Mehndi Ceremony is essentially organized by the family of the bride/groom & is usually a private affair which takes place in the presence of friends, relatives & family members. Groom also wears mehndi on hands & feet, it also involves application of oil on grooms hair. The henna for the brides ceremony has to arrive from the grooms side along with some other gifts.

Mehndi is one of the oldest forms of body art conceived by man. The Hindi & Arabic word Mehandi is derived from a Sanskrit word mendhika, which referrers to the henna plant itself, use of henna is considered immensely auspicious in many traditions around the world. Gone are the days when certain aunties & sisters were in demand around the neighborhood for their expertise in mehndi designs. Now a mehndi ceremony centers around professional mehndi artist who is specialized in latest trends in henna art.

Traditional Indian designs include peacock motifs, floral designs, bride/groom replicas, Arabic designs, paisley motifs, Indo-Arabic style. Latest trends in bridal henna designs is incorporation of colors in between henna motifs in addition of stones & blings, inclusion of glitters or metallic dusts, geometric patterns & white henna designs are also in vogue today. The ceremony has become a symbol of grandeur, fun & festivities also an excuse for some major Pre-Wedding girl bonding. Everyone wants there mehndi to be the darkest as it symbolizes love of your partner.

Different ways to darken mehndi are :- Application of lemon & sugar mix Heating it with cloves Applying mustard oil Application of lime powder/chuna After removing henna application of Vicks vaporub etc. vivid colors, upbeat music & fascinating décor- mehndi function is the most fun centric out of all the ceremonies. Organizing some entertaining activities for your quests will make the day one to remember. Traditional mehndi songs with dholaks & other musical instruments by elderly ladies is a all time hit & a must ritual.

Dance Performance Bollywood Style – Let all the brides maids, brothers, friends & relatives dance to some grooms tunes, a performance mix of emotions & fun.

Photo shoot – Create studio area with different backgrounds, frames & placards where your guests can get their shoot done. Also printing the pics, putting it in a creative photo frame & giving the same to the guests as a token of remembrance.

Fun Food Stalls – Instead of usual buffets it can be replaced by unique food combination & stations like, Make your own pizza, chocolate fountain, customized waffle counter, gourmet pop-corn etc.

Fun Activities – Recreating mela vibes with light-hearted activities like balloon shooting, throwing rings on a prize, playing tambola etc, involving guests in something or the other

Nail Designing – Decorating the pretty hands of henna with customized nail designing matching their outfit will take the guest experience to another level.

Dj Bollywood Style – Is such an experience which completes the wedding function.

Live Performance – The Charisma of live entertainers is always cherished & helps you to engage all the present members in the function.

Bangle Bar – All the guests can choose the colors & designs to match their outfit for the occasion & designs to match their outfit for the occasion.

Live Karaoke – Selecting most loved wedding songs & let your guests test their singing skills.

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