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    Personalised Services Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Personalised Service Dedicated Relationship Manager
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Professional Matrimonial Services in Delhi

Imperial Weddings The Most preferred matrimonial company in India & abroad, a forever matrimonial initiative is an ultra premium personalized & confidential tailor-made match making service provider for rich and affluent global Indians with stringent selection criteria.
We not only solemnize matches efficiently but also provide other services which are the most essential part of match making such as –

Professional Matrimonial Services in Delhi

Pre Matrimonial Verification

With the help of leading ISO 9001 certified security and facility management pvt. Ltd. company which includes

  • Family Details
  • Financial Status
  • Nature, Character & Behavior
  • Society reputation
  • Family Background
  • Criminal background check for nearest police station
  • Ownership Verification (Owned or Rental)
  • Turnover/Financial Worth
  • Business/Job Detail
  • Pre Marital Status
  • Scanning of present affair & many more.
Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot

As it’s said first impression is the last impression & it’s true in this case also. Photo profiling is the first step of creating profile leaves an impressive/ positive impact about your personality. We help you create photo gallery covering different posture for the better understanding of your personality.

Video Profiling

Video Profiling

Reveals true personality of the prospective bride & groom with the help of this service, as it works on every aspect of the person right from communication skills, physique & an idea of whole persona of the person.

  • The Video will cover brief interviews of the prospective bride/groom which will give you an insight about their ideology, thought process, their expectation from partner & a fair idea about their behavioral pattern.
  • The video will also cover the view of their house, standard of living etc which can give you an idea whether it matches your expectation or not.
  • Similarly the video shoot will also cover their workplace, industry, factory etc to give you an overview of their work, number of people working, what kind of work they do & what is the level of their work.
Vaastu Consultation

Vaastu Consultation

It is observed that sometimes vaastu dosh in house or workplace create hindrance in marriage & relationships, work & flow of money, Mental & physical Health etc, so we will provide you consultation on the same from world renowned, vaastu consultant Sh. Naresh Singal for the remedies.

Astrology Consultancy

Astrology Consultancy

We have three renowned astrologers in our panel who will give an insight prediction for the future, compatibility & relationship of the prospective bride & groom before giving ahead with the proposal.

Pre-Marital Counselling

Pre-Marital Counselling

Today things are changing it is not the same as before. If the marriage isn’t working out, we can go out separate ways. However, failed marriages today as well, have unhealthy repercussions & must be avoided by all means so by pre marital counselling.

  • We can ascertain the compatability before tying Knot.
  • Plays a crucial role in stabilizing expectations from future relationships.
  • It paints a picture of the future marital problems, thus cautioning them of the hardships endured by almost every married couple.
  • It helps analyzing in evitable factors for marriage such as finance, commitment, communication, sex & children etc
Personality & Grooming Session

Personality & Grooming Session

By Dr. Seema Johar(B.A, B.ED, MBA & PHD)

Personality & Grooming are the two important aspects of a sustainable relationship & Marriage. This will prepare you for your marriage & relationship handling. In this session we would be discussing about the 5 C’s of any union which are –

  1. Commitment
  2. Confidence
  3. Communication
  4. Competence
  5. Cultural Values

The 5 C’s are vital & bloodline of any association which will guide you to know yourself, understand your differences in the new bond & will prepare you for the marriage, different aspects of a marital relationship & handing of relations which are new to you.

Now a days grooming is affiliated with your status therefore self love should be your priority in any relationship to replace your fear with faith. As fashion go hand in hand same way personality & grooming compliments each other for a long & healthy tie-up.