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  • Personalised Service Dedicated Relationship Manager
    Personalised Services Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Personalised Service Dedicated Relationship Manager
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does your basic package cost & within how much time should I expect to receive the fixed guaranteed responses?

    Our basic package will cost you Rs. 21,000/- & the process of cross-match making is a continuous process. Thus, as soon as the required details of any two registered members are complete and comply with each other’s terms, we will intimate you through mail.

  • Once registered for the basic package, will we be able to get matches from Gold, Diamond, Solitaire and Elite packages?

    Having enrolled for the basic package you will not be able to get responses from the higher packages, it is essential to upgrade your package for the same.

  • For how long is the package valid?

    The Validity Period is mentioned in all the packages chosen.

  • Weather we will get the services in our package if the match making happens through other sources?

    Yes, you can avail the services offered in the package even if the match making happens through other sources.

  • Can you design us a special package tailored as per our requirements if we do not wish to avail all the services mentioned in your package?

    Yes, we can work on such a package covering all your requirements if needed.

  • Will you refund the charges if the match making happens through other sources?

    The money shall not be refunded in any case, however, you can avail all the facilities which you paid for.

  • Should I expect any hidden charges post marriage?

    Nothing is hidden everything is mentioned in all the packages as chosen by you.

  • What if the match making is not done through your firm & also we do not want to avail your services?

    We will adjust any of your reference in the same package in that case, with a reasonable renewal membership charges.

  • What is the source of your database?

    Various methods are adopted to reach out to the marriage applicants or their guardians. Some of them being advertising campaign, internet, registered members, etc. Word of mouth has always been the biggest attention drawer.

  • Can the payment be made in parts or after the wedding has been fixed?

    No such provision as payment in parts has been given by the firm. We begin our relationship by collecting the payment in advance as it also confirms the seriousness of the interested parties for marriage.

  • What is your responsibility in case a match fixed by you goes bad?

    We make sure and earnestly hope that no such incident occurs in the alliances fixed through us. We make all efforts to avoid such problems and guarantee the authenticity of the members by collecting payment in advance. All necessary documents are taken, proper verification is done, horoscopes and habits are matched prior finalizing a match. We try to reconcile things as a moral responsibility, but the company is not liable for anything beyond that.

  • Is the authenticity of the facts provided by the members verified by you?

    It is our utmost priority to ensure that the facts furnished by the members are authentic. To begin with, the applicant form is accepted with a photograph, a copy of the date of birth certificate and an identity proof. Next, various questions are asked in the form such as personal details, professional qualifications, personal values, employer’s details and so on. We also have tie ups with various detective agencies so as to carry out pre matrimonial investigations. Also, the firm holds the right to cancel the membership of any member without refunding any amount, if at any stage it comes into light that the member has given wrong information. However, in all cases, we insist that since marriage is a sensitive matter, members should verify the genuineness of the facts produced before taking the big leap.