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Building a Positive bond with in laws

Building a Positive bond with in laws

Married life does wonders. Marrying the man or women we admire & love the most is surely a dream come true, but most of us find it hard to mix & mingle with in laws. Ignoring in laws might appear convenient, but is actually not the right way to handle relationships with your new family. Understanding is a far better & sustainable alternative than ignoring. Understand that they have loved your spouse much longer than you. Never put them in a position where they have to defend their child. Seek advice without accusations.

Celebrate them for their support & encouragement of your spouse. The key to our relationship is respect & grace. Respect, honesty & common courtesy goes a long way. Eventually the fear goes away. Guards are dropped & you realize your’e now an extended family not a discontinuation of one. Always look at your in laws like they’re your blood & it will make it so much easier to get along. Being yourself, Eventually it will work out. If you try to be Something /Someone you’re not, it will only cause everyone problems down the line. When there is a conflict between you and anyone talk to your husband & he can talk to them.

For one, they’re his family & he knows how to talk to them & for two it takes him out of the middle, he doesn’t have to choose between you & them. Realize relationships take time to build. One or even Seven large scale fights do not mean you cannot have relationship. You may be very different people & it takes time to look at the world from another person’s view point with love. Don’t give up. Always be kind. Give it time. I love my Mother-in law.

I think it helps to try to accentuate the positive. She is loving, Giving & incredibly kind. Of Course, there are quirks that irritate now & then, but in those moments try to remind yourself that She is only doing what she thinks is best based on her past experience. Including them in all aspects of our lives. Calling several times a week & including them on our family vacations with the kids. We want our children to have amazing memories of their grand parents & would love the same respect when we will be grand parents. Never differentiate between your family or my family its always our family, from the day we were married. We love & respect each other’s parents & they love & respect us. Remember they raised & love the person you love and enjoy their company. Mutual respect, not looking at your mother-in law like She is an enemy, Set healthy boundaries early on, communicate well & a hug truly goes a long way. Respect knowing each person’s role in their partner’s lives. A lot of times it can verge on who is significant in their lives still each party has a different love type & level. So both parties respect that only then peace & harmony can Prevale.

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